The KIWAME solution is composed by:

  • A smartphone app for you
  • A smart dashboard presenting your key data to your doctor (that you authorise of following you)
  • A set of sensors that could be integrated into the KIWAME system
  • A cloud-system: containing the AI that elaborates the data

These components interact to deliver the KIWAME ecosystem, that is a set of services that leverage data from multiple sources:

  • Wearables extract bio measures;
  • Swivels periodically provide the Body Mass Index, Fat Mass, water percentage, bone mass and weight;
  • Details on food are derived via mobile camera;

The KIWAME smartphone app is the key component of the KIWAME ecosystem. It interacts with the KIWAME platform, that provides information not only to you, but also to the Health Professionals (if allowed).

Especially designed for CKD patients at high risk of overhydration, the KIWAME app aims at smoothly collecting all the relevant information to help you to track fluid intake through food and drink, while complementing this information with other data that may help link kidney disease with lifestyle and other parameters.

The app enables the collection of different types of data in two different modalities:

  • Active, directly provided by you through manual input with forms or pictures.
  • Passive, automatically retrieved from KIWAME sensor layer, in order to gather insights about your lifestyle, to match this information with disease management and to provide personalised advices directly on your smartphone.

Fluid drunk should be entered by specifying the type and the quantity in a quick and easy way.

The KIWAME app allows to manually insert the following information:

  • Food intake
  • Fluid intake
  • Weight
  • Blood pressure

The data collected during the days are shown in dedicated views and you can look at reports about:

A general report

A report focused on the fluid intake

A report focused on the intaken nutrients

The Artificial Intelligence integrated in the KIWAME solution is able to estimate the volume of the nutrients contained in the food depicted in a photograph taken by the phone camera

The KIWAME app is connected with YOUR health professional and allows you to chat with the doctor that is following you

And for the Professionals?

A tailored dashboard created to follow-up the patients remotely

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